The Mallforms temporary wall system is lightweight, reusable and easy to deploy. It makes for an outstanding use as construction temporary walls. Contractors use our services to build barricades around construction site to protect public for construction projects. In this way we help them to win their construction project! It is not at all economical to pay for drywalls and then discard them away after their first use. Our walls save you all the money. Contractors can change the configuration and use them for another construction project.

Airport Barricades and Airport Temporary Walls

We offer temporary walls for Airport Barricades to organize Passenger Screening areas, customize display cases, luggage inspection areas and ticket counters.

Casino Temporary Walls You can use our walls for making renovations in Casino. You can also expand your Casino to different areas. These walls keep your guests away from any debris, as in case of dry walls. Aluminum framing makes them extremely strong but lightweight, so they are easy to set up and mobile.